Sunday, March 9, 2014

[Art Trade] Bird Butt

My part in a trade with Zody, from dA, FA and tumblr, with his sexy bird Nurse Matilda, mascot of the FunRaisers charity (in FurAffinity)

[Art Trade] Let's Get Physical!

My part of an Art trade with the great artist and friend Vicente
I'll never get tired of drawing his muscled babe Alexis, she's gorgeous!

Friday, March 7, 2014

[Guest Art] Stefano Panza

Starting a new section in my blog, to showcase some great artists!
To start it, here's two works of my characters drawn by Stefano Panza, a great italian artist!

Left: My OC Sarah Soft showing up her 'guns'
Right: My Total Drama OC Chloe having a wardrobe malfunction near DJ (from the same series)

Visit his galleries and check more of his great work!
Deviantart -
Blogspot - (Clean works) and (+18 works)